Mitigating risk – creating EBITDA!

Use our team of experts to achieve higher goals and better solutions. Don’t let your competitors be ahead of you.

Increase EBITDA more

Companies in the top 20% of risk maturity generate three times the level of EBITDA as those in the bottom 20%.

Create competitive advantages

Effectively harnessing technology to support risk management is the greatest weakness or opportunity for most organizations.

Reduce cost

Companies with technologically supported risk management aim for reduced overall cost of controls by 30%.
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How can we help you?

Operations Manager

Profit/loss analysis

Risk impacts processes and their outputs. Be informed on what influenced your outcome and react appropriately.

Risk compliance

Whatever the formal or informal requirements make sure you are in control and have confidence in your excellence.

Friendly and easy to use

Easily focus on your key activities insetad of learning yet another complicated software tool.


Single comprehensive Dashboard

Monitor up-to-date risk information on the organization level in real time and with just as many information that is necessary to support decision making.

All-in-one tool

Manage all your risks in one place. Compare various risk and their financial impacts and take informed decisions on most important issues.

Fast time to market

Start immediately. Your time is too valuable to spend it on things that can be prepared in advance.

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Meet the Silver Bullet Risk Team

Igor Zgonc
Igor ZgoncCEO, marketing & sales
Entrepreneur, risk management, IT management, business continuity and information security specialist
16 years of experience
Božo Recko
Božo ReckoLead developer, project manager
Information security consultant, business continuity consultant, web developer
18 years of experience
Aleš Grm
Aleš GrmR&D, implementation
Expert programmer, web developer, DB admin
12 years of experience
Luka Ločniškar
Luka LočniškarR&D, implementation
Entrepreneur, expert programmer,
web developer
9 years of experience
Katarina Čop
Katarina ČopMarketing
Key account manager, marketing specialist
14 years of experience
Urša Grm
Urša GrmAdministration